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    • 人生之求01-成就夢想 [ti:] [ar:] [al:] [by:] [00:00.00]The Life Pursuit 人生之求 [00:04.86]If you want to succeed, [00:07.60]you must understand the following two points. [00:10.66]One is that success itself will never befall on you [00:15.47]unless you pay enough. [00:
    • 人生之求02-一雙短襪 [00:00.00]A Pair of Socks 一雙短襪 [00:04.33]I turned into a sock shop that caught my eye, [00:09.24]and a boy clerk who could not have been [00:11.55]more than seventeen years old came forward. [00:13.94]What can I do for you, sir? [00:15.92]I want
    • 人生之求03-巨大的挑戰 [00:00.00]Big Challenges 巨大的挑戰 [00:05.19]Keep staring! I might do a trick! [00:09.67]Thats the message on a T-shirt of mine. [00:13.63]People stare at me all the time [00:15.91]so I thought this shirt would be funny. [00:18.22]See Im a dwarf.
    • 人生之求04-未經磨光的鉆石 [00:00.00]Unpolished Diamond 未經磨光的鉆石 [00:07.49]How a person reacts to criticism often means the difference [00:10.65]between success and failure. [00:12.74]Take the case of Ole Bull, [00:15.02]the famous Norwegian violinist of the 19th centur
    • 人生之求05-生活好比自主快餐 [00:00.00]Life is Like a Cafeteria 生活好比自助快餐館 [00:05.41]A friends grandfather came to America from Eastern Europe. [00:11.31]After settling down at Ellis Island, [00:14.92]he went into a cafeteria in lower Manhattan to get something to eat.
    • 人生之求06-積極帶來的影響 [00:00.00]Positivity Makes a Difference 積極帶來的影響 [00:05.75]Positivity makes the difference between heaven and hell. [00:11.10]There is a Korean story that illustrates this. [00:14.71]Once upon a time there was a little boy [00:17.89]who used t
    • 人生之求07-我被法學院開除的日子 [00:00.00]The Day I Flunked out of Law School 我被法學院開除的日子 [00:06.07]The dean of the University of Colorado School of Law decided [00:11.32]that I couldnt return to classes next fall [00:13.85]because my grades were too low. [00:16.02]He sai
    • 人生之求08-堅強的意志 [00:00.00]Determination 堅強的意志 [00:05.95]In 1883, [00:08.89]a creative engineer named John Roebling was inspired by an idea [00:13.62]to build a spectacular bridge connecting New York with Manhattan Island. [00:18.95]However bridge building expe
    • 人生之求09-最偉大的擊球員 [00:00.00]The Greatest Hitter 最偉大的擊球員 [00:05.72]A little boy was overheard talking to himself [00:10.87]as he strutted through the backyard, [00:12.96]wearing his baseball cap and toting a ball and bat. [00:15.68]Im the greatest hitter in the
    • 人生之求10-莫讓目標太遙遠 [00:00.00]Keep Your Goals in Sight 莫讓目標太遙遠 [00:05.96]When she looked ahead, [00:08.68]Florence Chadwick saw nothing but a solid wall of fog. [00:13.18]Her body was numb. [00:15.03]She had been swimming for nearly sixteen hours. [00:18.75]Alre
    • 人生之求11-打翻的牛奶所早就的科學家 [00:00.00]The Scientist out of the Spilled Milk 切記我們是在撫養孩子,不是在養花! [00:08.46]A famous scientist was asked [00:10.55]why he was able to be so much more creative than the average person. [00:14.04]What set him so far apart from others?
    • 人生之求12-播下種子,期盼收獲 [00:00.00]Sow the SeedSee the Harvest 播下種子,期盼收獲 [00:06.62]The story is told of two boys who were walking through a field [00:12.53]and found some corn seeds scattered across the ground. [00:16.24]They each took one of the seeds home and pla
    • 人生之求13-兩粒橡子 [00:00.00]Two Acorns 兩粒橡子 [00:05.74]If you want to understand adversity, [00:08.90]take two identical acorns from the same oak tree [00:12.96]and plant them in two different locations. [00:15.91]Plant the first in the middle of a dense forest, [
    • 人生之求14-以此人為鑒 [00:00.00]Consider This Man 以此人為鑒 [00:05.06]When faced with your own personal or business failures, [00:10.09]just consider this man. [00:11.52]He tried his hand at business and he failed. [00:14.47]So he thought, [00:15.89]Well, maybe I belong
    • 人生之求15-從逆境走向勝利 [00:00.00]Adversity to Victory 從逆境走向勝利 [00:06.40]The following is a true story about a young friend [00:11.31]who lives in St. Louis... [00:13.18]Andy was born with a developmental disorder. [00:17.66]The two sides of his brain were not joine
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