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       影片講述了英國女王伊麗莎白二世的父親喬治六世國王的故事。喬治六世就是那位為了美人而放棄江山的愛德華八世的弟弟,愛德華退位后,他很不情愿地坐上了國王的寶座。然而喬治六世有很嚴重的口吃,發表講話時非常吃力,連幾句很簡單的話都結結巴巴地講不出來。幸運的是他遇到了語言治療師萊昂納爾(Lionel Logue),通過一系列的訓練兩人成為好友,國王的口吃也大為好轉,隨后。。。。。。




    • 聽電影學英語-國王的演講 01 [00:03.25]Sounds like youve studied our wretched constitution. 你好像研究過咱們的倒霉憲法 [00:04.97]Sounds like you havent. 好像你沒讀過 [00:06.08]Is that what this is all about? Bashing up? 怎么 你是來教訓我的嗎? [00:09.
    • 聽電影學英語-國王的演講 02 [00:04.36]Garden Entrance.Prime Minister's Office.10 Dawning Street 唐寧街10號 首相辦公室 花園入口 [00:05.64]Its not just because shes an American. 不僅僅因為她是美國人 [00:08.52]That the least of it,its because she is soon to
    • 聽電影學英語-國王的演講 03 [00:02.32]Im sure of anyone who wants to be cured. 我對所有想治好病的人有信心 [00:03.66]nobody wants that. I least of all. 沒人希望這樣 尤其是我 [00:04.68]Of course he wants to be cured. 他當然想治好病 [00:06.74]My husba
    • 聽電影學英語-國王的演講 04 [00:01.25]and asked a passing Mallard the way to Buckingham Palace. 他...問一個路過的勇士 怎么去白金漢宮 [00:05.78]The Christmas broadcast 圣誕廣播演說 [00:07.05]He swam up the Thames and out through the plughole, 他沿著泰晤士
    • 聽電影學英語-國王的演講 05 [00:01.98]Trust me its important. 相信我 這很重要 [00:03.95]Please,make yourself comfortable. 您請坐 不必拘束 [00:04.69]What is it? 這是干嗎? [00:07.63]Your... your... 殿... 殿... [00:09.17]Its Your Majesty,the first time. 初次見
    • 聽電影學英語-國王的演講 06 [00:04.96]Ill bet you,you can read flawlessly,right here,right now. 我跟你打賭 你此時此刻就能流利朗讀 [00:09.63]And if I win the bet,I get to ask you more questions. 如果我贏了 你必須回答我提的問題 [00:12.92]And if I wi
    • 聽電影學英語-國王的演講 07 [00:08.86]Have a go yourself. 你自己試一下 [00:10.62]Congratulations,Sir. 恭喜您 陛下 [00:11.61]Ah,Mr Wood. Splendid fellow. 啊 伍德先生 杰出的人才 [00:14.43]Chap taught me everything I know: 他教會我一切 [00:16.48]let the
    • 聽電影學英語-國王的演講 08 [00:01.36]I..Im willing to work hard,Doctor Logue... 我...愿意極力配合 羅格醫生 [00:07.11]Lionel. 萊昂納爾 [00:08.24]Are you willing to do your part? 你...會盡你的職責嗎? [00:15.44]Alright. You want mechanics? 好吧 您說生理
    • 聽電影學英語-國王的演講 09 [00:03.26]You know how long hes been ill. 你也知道他病了很久了 [00:04.75]Wallis explained. Shes terribly clever about these things. 沃利斯已經解釋過了 她對這些事很理解 [00:10.85]... whereas by letters patent under the Great
    • 聽電影學英語-國王的演講 10 [00:18.11]What on earth was that? 你這是在干嗎? [00:19.81]Poor Wallis. Now Im trapped! 可憐的沃利斯 我被現在困住了 [00:37.51]And in these last 25 crowded troubled glorious years 在過去艱辛榮耀的25年間 [00:41.85]If theres
    • 聽電影學英語-國王的演講 11 [00:02.66]My brother David,doo-dah - 我哥哥大衛啦啦啦 [00:08.12]Im not going to sit here wobbling 我不會在這兒哼哼 [00:09.97]You can with me. 我和你一起唱 [00:12.24]Because youre peculiar. 你這人真奇怪 [00:13.42]I take tha
    • 聽電影學英語-國王的演講 12 [00:08.11]Ive been told its not catching. 聽說這病不會傳染 [00:15.90]- Do you want a top-up? - Please. - 再來一杯? - 謝謝 [00:25.51]You know,Lionel, 萊昂納爾 這是我 [00:28.03]- youre the first ordinary Englishman... - Australian.
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