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    • 英語短文名人故事 政界精英 第1期:尤里烏斯.凱撒 Julius Caesar 尤里烏斯.凱撒 Nearly two thousand years ago there lived in Rome a man whose name was Julius Caesar. 大約兩千年前,羅馬有一個名叫尤利烏斯凱撒的人。 He was the greatest of all the Romans. 他是全體羅馬人中
    • 英語短文名人故事 政界精英 第2期:凱撒·奧古斯都 Caesar Augustus 凱撒奧古斯都 Many consider Augustus to be Rome's greatest emperor. 許多人認為奧古斯都是羅馬最偉大的皇帝。 His policies certainly extended the Empire's life span and initiated the celebrated Pax Romana or Pax A
    • 英語短文名人故事 政界精英 第3期:本杰明·富蘭克林 Benjamin Franklin 本杰明富蘭克林 Franklin's parents were both pious Puritans. 富蘭克林的雙親皆為虔誠的清教徒, The family attended the old South Church, the most liberal Puritan congregation in Boston, where Benjamin Franklin w
    • 英語短文名人故事 政界精英 第4期:托馬斯·杰斐遜 Thomas Jefferson 托馬斯杰斐遜 While the Presidential election was taking place in the House of Representatives, 當總統選舉正在眾議院進行的時候, amid scenes of great excitement, strife and intrigue, which was to decide whether J
    • 英語短文名人故事 政界精英 第5期:亞伯拉罕·林肯 Abraham Lincoln 亞伯拉罕林肯 Lincoln's face is familiar to people all around the world, at least his face when he was wearing a beard. 全世界的人們都熟悉林肯的臉,至少熟悉他留著大胡子的臉。 But he didn't wear a beard
    • 英語短文名人故事 政界精英 第6期:拿破侖·波拿馬 Napoleon Bonaparte 拿破侖波拿馬 About a hundred years ago there lived a great general whose name was Napoleon Bonaparte. 大約在一百年前,有一個偉大的將軍,名叫拿破侖波拿馬。 He was the leader of the French army; and Fr
    • 英語短文名人故事 政界精英 第7期:鮑叔牙 Bao Shuya 鮑叔牙 In Chinese culture Bao Shuya is known mainly for his loyalty to his friend, as well as his open-mindedness and tolerant and his judgement of ability; 在中國文化中,鮑叔牙因其對朋友的忠誠、處事開明、審時度勢
    • 英語短文名人故事 政界精英 第8期:亨利八世 Henry VIII 亨利八世 When the eighteen-year-old Henry VIII became King of England, he was extremely popular,for he had all the qualities that his people admired. 當十八歲的亨利八世成為英格蘭國王的時候,他非常受歡迎,因為
    • 英語短文名人故事 政界精英 第9期:富蘭克林.羅斯福 Franklin Roosevelt 富蘭克林羅斯福 Franklin Roosevelt was one of the most important leaders of twentieth century America and perhaps in the whole span of American history. 富蘭克林羅斯福是美國二十世紀,或許是整個美國歷史上
    • 英語短文名人故事 政界精英 第10期:馬丁.路德.金 Martin Luther King 馬丁路德金 Martin Luther King was born on January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia. 馬丁路德金1929年1月15日出生于佐治亞州的亞特蘭大。 His father was the minister of the Ebenezer Baptist Church, 其父是埃比尼
    • 英語短文名人故事 政界精英 第11期:巴拉克.奧巴馬 Barack Obama 巴拉克奧巴馬 With his Kenyan father and white American mother, his upbringing in Honolulu and Jakarta,and his Ivy League education, 奧巴馬的父親來自肯尼亞,母親為美國白人,他在檀香山和稚加達兩地長大,
    • 英語短文名人故事 政界精英 第12期:溫斯頓.丘吉爾 Winston Churchill 溫斯頓丘吉爾 Winston Churchill began his love affair with painting in his 40's, a mid disastrous circumstance. 溫斯頓丘吉爾,在他四十多歲時開始迷戀上繪畫,當時環境異常惡劣。 As First Lord of the
    • 英語短文名人故事 政界精英 第13期:弗拉基米爾.普京 Vladimir Putin 弗拉基米爾普京 He is fearless, altruistic, steel-willed, hospitable,unbelievably hardy, unpretentious and warm, 熱情、無畏、無私、好客、謙遜、具有鋼鐵般的意志, and he has lost none of these qualities s
    • 英語短文名人故事 政界精英 第14期:奧利弗.克倫威爾 Oliver Cromwell 奧利弗.克倫威爾 Born in Huntingdon in 1599 to a relatively poor squirearchal family, 1599年,克倫威爾出生于亨延頓一個比較窮困的地主家庭。 Cromwell found religious zeal as a Puritan while studying at Camb
    • 英語短文名人故事 政界精英 第15期:亞歷山大大帝 Alexander Ⅲ of Macedon 亞歷山大大帝 One day King Philip ( King of Macedon ) bought a fine horse called Bucephalus. 一天,國王菲利普(馬其頓國王)買來一匹好馬, 叫比塞弗勒斯。 He was a noble animal, and the king paid
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