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    SBS朗文國際英語教程 第一冊

       由上海外語教育出版社從朗文出版社引進后改編出版的這套這用于中學英語教學的《朗文國際英語教程》(Side by Side)是比較成功的一個例子。在這套教材的四冊書中,每一課都有一個語法中心點,以及需要頻繁使用該語法項的交際情景,于是學生則學到的語法知識立即就能用到語言交流中去。




    • Side by Side book1-1 [00:00.00]SIDE BY SIDE BOOK 1 CHAPTER ONE [01:30.51]Page 1 Vocabulary Preview [01:36.76]1.alphabet [01:41.02]Aa Ba Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg [01:59.77]Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn [02:18.66]Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu [02:37.70]Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz [02:51.44]2.numbers [02:55.91]0 1
    • Side by Side book1-2 [00:00.00]CHAPTER TWO Page 7 Vocabulary Preview [00:11.70]1.pen 2.Pencil 3.book 4.desk 5.computer [00:32.37]6.bank 7.supermarket 8.post office 9.restaurant 10.library [00:53.84]11.living room 12.dining room 13.kitchen 14.bedroom 15.bathroom [01:15.89
    • Side by Side book1-3 [00:00.00]Chapter 3 Page 17 Vocabulary Preview [00:11.78]1.eating 2.drinking 3.cooking 4.reading [00:29.94]5.studying 6.teaching 7.singing 8.sleeping [00:49.89]9.swimming 10.planting 11.watching TV [01:03.63]12.listening to music 13.playing cards [01
    • Side by Side book1-4 [00:00.00]CHAPTER FOUR Page 27 Vocabulary Preview [00:11.60]1.brushing 2.cleaning 3.feeding 4.fixing [00:27.77]5.painting 6.reading 7.washing [00:40.52]page 28 Im fixing my sink Listen [00:48.07]Hi!What are you doing? Im fixing my sink. [00:54.70]Wha
    • Side by Side book1-5 [00:00.00]CHAPTER FIVE page 35 Vocabulary Preview [00:11.70]1.tall-short 2.young-old [00:24.27]3.Heavy/fat-thin 4.new-old [00:38.82]5.married-single 6.handsome-ugly [00:51.57]7.beautiful/pretty-ugly 8.large/big-small/little [01:10.74]9.noisy/loud-qui
    • Side by Side book1-6 [00:00.00]CHAPTER SIX PAGE 45 [00:09.30]VOCABULARY PREVIEW [00:13.74]1.wife [00:18.18]2.husband parents [00:25.31]3.mother [00:29.68]4.father children [00:36.52]5.daughter [00:41.06]6.son [00:45.53]7.sister [00:50.18]8.brother grandparents [00:57.44]
    • Side by Side book1-7 [00:00.00]CHAPTER SEVEN page 55 Vocabulary Preview [00:11.78]1.bakery [00:16.46]2.barber shop [00:21.11]3.book store [00:25.84]4.bus station [00:30.85]5.cafeteria [00:35.81]6.clinic [00:40.18]7.department store [00:45.32]8.drug store [00:49.89]9.hair
    • Side by Side book1-8a [00:00.00]CHAPTER 8 page 67 Vocabulary Preview [00:11.78]1.shirt [00:16.22]2.coat [00:20.48]3.dress [00:24.95]4.skirt [00:29.31]5.blouse [00:33.85]6.jacket [00:38.32]7.suit [00:42.68]8.tie [00:46.94]9.belt [00:51.20]10.sweater [00:55.46]11.pants [01:
    • Side by Side book1-8b [00:00.00]page 73 Excuse Me.I Think Thats My Jacket. [00:11.00]Excuse me.I think thats my jacket. [00:16.14]Hmm.I dont think so. [00:20.51]I think this is MY jacket. [00:24.58]Oh,Youre right. [00:28.13]I guess I made a mistake. [00:31.79]Excuse me.I
    • Side by Side book1-9 [00:00.00]CHAPTER 9 page 72 Vocabulary preview [00:11.60]1.call [00:16.04]2.cook [00:20.19]3.drive [00:24.74]4.eat [00:28.89]5.listen to music [00:33.93]6.paint [00:38.30]7.play [00:42.84]8.read [00:47.10]9.sell [00:51.67]10.shop [00:55.93]11.sing [0
    • Side by Side book1-10a [00:00.00]CHAPTER 10 Page 87 Vocabulary Preview [00:11.60]1.Sunday [00:16.25]2.Monday [00:20.82]3.Tuesday [00:25.47]4.Wednesday [00:30.01]5.Thursday [00:34.77]6.Friday [00:39.31]7.Saturday [00:43.89]8.baby-sit [00:48.25]9.clean [00:52.92]10.do yoga [
    • Side by Side book1-10b [00:00.00]page 90 Busy People [00:06.69]Jeff is a very athletic person. [00:14.42]He does a different kind of exercise or sport every day. [00:22.07]On Monday he jogs.On Tuesday he plays tennis.On Wednesday he does yoga. [00:34.14]On Thursday he swim
    • Side by Side book1-11 [00:00.00]CHAPTER 11 page 99 Vocabulary Preview [00:11.60]1.year [00:16.25]2.month [00:20.61]3.week [00:24.74]4.day [00:29.00]5.weekend [00:33.57]6.morning [00:38.06]7.afternoon [00:42.74]8.evening [00:46.99]9.night [00:51.15]page 100 How Often? [00:
    • sidebyside book1-12 [00:00.00]CHAPTER 12 page 107 Vocabulary Preview [00:11.70]1.happy [00:16.25]2.sad [00:20.51]3.hungry [00:24.76]4.thirsty [00:29.13]5.hot [00:33.25]6.cold [00:37.72]7.tired [00:41.98]8.sick [00:46.03]9.angry [00:50.49]10.nervous [00:54.86]11.scared [
    • sidebyside book1-13 [00:11.99]1.actor [00:16.14]2.actress [00:20.56]3.baker [00:24.79]4.chef [00:29.02]5.construction worker [00:34.17]6.dancer [00:38.71]7.mechanic [00:42.95]8.salesperson [00:47.60]9.secretary [00:52.27]10.singer [00:56.42]11.superintendent [01:01.28]1
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