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    • 《閃電俠》精講 01 To understand what I'm about to tell you, you need to do something first, you need to believe in the impossible. 想理解我要講的故事,你得先做一件事,那就是相信一切皆有可能。 Can you do that? Good. You see that red blur?
    • 《閃電俠》精講 02 Sorry. 抱歉。 Second robbery this week. The teller ID'd Clyde Mardon as the shooter. 本周的第二起搶劫了。出納員指認克萊德馬登是槍手。 What? 什么? Oh, Geez, the Mardon brothers are back. 天吶,馬登兄弟又回來了嗎
    • 《閃電俠》精講 03 Ok! I am ready to see this atom smasher smashing. 好了,我準備好見證這個粒子加速器撞擊了。 There was a shooting today. 今天有槍擊案。 Your dad needs me to process some evidence, which means I don't know if we're going to be
    • 《閃電俠》精講 04 So Barry, how was your trip? 巴里,你的旅行怎么樣? Did you find proof of the impossible in Starling City, or did you just make my dad mad for no reason? 你在星城里有沒有發現神奇的事情?還是你只是無緣無故把我爸惹
    • 《閃電俠》精講 05 Just give me back my friend's bag, and we'll call it even. 把我朋友的包還給我就沒事了。 Okay? 好嗎? Barry! 巴里! Are you ok? - Yeah. 你沒事吧?-沒事。 Freeze! Police! Or do you want to find out the hard way you're not fa
    • 《閃電俠》精講 06 I've got a plane to catch! 我要去趕飛機了! What the hell? 怎么回事? Chyre, hang in there. 查爾,堅持住。 Wait, we are now being told to evacuate the facility. The storm may have caused a malfunction to the primary cooling system
    • 《閃電俠》精講 07 What are you doing? 你在干什么? He likes this song. 他喜歡這歌。 How could you possibly know that? 你怎么知道? I checked his Facebook page. I mean, he can hear everything, right? 我看了他臉書的個人資料。他能聽到聲音
    • 《閃電俠》精講 08 That's right. 正是如此。 I was recovering myself when I heard about you. 在我聽說了你的事時,我也在恢復自己的身體機能。 The hospital was undergoing unexplainable power outages. 醫院遭遇了多次無法解釋的電力中斷
    • 《閃電俠》精講 09 My dad is gonna be so happy to see you. 我爸爸看見你一定會很高興的。 Let me get my stuff, okay? Be right back. 我去拿點東西,馬上回來。 Thank you. Thank you so much. 謝謝,非常感謝。 How can I help you today? 請問我
    • 《閃電俠》精講 10 What's happening to me? 我這是怎么了? Awesome. 好極了。 You don't really believe he can run that fast, do you? 你不會真相信他能跑那么快吧? Well, I believe anything is possible, and in a few minutes, maybe you will too. 我相
    • 《閃電俠》精講 11 Mr. Allen, while I am extremely eager to determine your full range of abilities, I do caution restraint. 艾倫先生,雖然我迫切想確定你的全面能力,但我還是建議小心為妙。 Yeah. 好的. He just passed 200 miles per hour. 他的
    • 《閃電俠》精講 12 Man, it was like there was a thunderstorm in the bank. 就像銀行里下起了雷雨。 Vukuvich, suspect is driving a black Mustang. Partial plate SixKiloCharlieThree. 弗科維奇,嫌犯駕駛一輛黑色野馬。部分車牌是6KC3。 Put out a
    • 《閃電俠》精講 13 You can't tell my dad. He doesn't know about me and Eddie. 別告訴我爸爸。他不知道我和艾迪的事。 Doesn't seem like anyone's in on the secret. 你好像不想讓別人知道。 I was gonna tell you. 我本來想告訴你的。 When yo
    • 《閃電俠》精講 14 That poor man. The way thog came in, I have never seen anything like it. 可憐的家伙。怎么會起霧,我從沒見過這樣的事。 Barry! Iris. 巴里!愛瑞絲。 I'm all right, dad. 我沒事,爸爸。 What the hell were you thinking h
    • 《閃電俠》精講 15 We don't know for sure. 目前還不確定。 You said the city was safe, that there was no residual danger. 你說過這座城市是安全的,沒有留下安全隱患。 But that's not true, so what really happened that night? 全是假話,那晚到
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