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    • 美式英語正音訓練第1期:美音語調 Chapter 1 American Intonation The American Speech Music What to Do with Your Mouth to Sound American One of the main differences between the way an American talks and the way the rest of the world talks is that we don't really move our lips. (So, whe
    • 美式英語正音訓練第2期:練習1 Exercise 1-1: Rubber Band Practice with Nonsense Syllables Take a rubber band and hold it with your two thumbs. Every time you want to stress a word by changing pitch, pull on the rubber band. Stretch it out gently, don't jerk it sharply. Make a loop
    • 美式英語正音訓練第3期:階梯狀語調 Staircase Intonation So what is intonation in American English? What do Americans do? We go up and down staircases. We start high and end low. Every time we want to stress a word or an idea, we just start a new staircase. That sounds simple enough, b
    • 美式英語正音訓練第4期:名詞語調 Exercise 1-2 noun intonation Practice the noun stress pattern after me, using pitch change. Add your own examples of the end. Add your own examples. ......1...... Dogs eat bones. ......2...... Mike likes bikes. ......3...... Elsa wants a book. ......
    • 美式英語正音訓練第5期:聲明語調與代詞 Statement Intonation with Pronouns When you replace the nouns with pronouns (i.e., old information), stress the verb. They eat them. As we have seen, nouns are new information; pronouns are old information. In a nutshell, these are the two basic into
    • 美式英語正音訓練第6期:名詞和代詞的語調 Exercise 1-3: Noun and Pronoun Intonation In the first column, stress the nouns. In the second column, stress the verb. Fill in your own examples at the bottom. 填寫你自己的例子 ......1...... Bob sees Betty. He sees her. ......2...... Betty k
    • 美式英語正音訓練第7期:陳述句語調與疑問句語調的對比 Statement Versus Question Intonation You may have learned at some point that questions have a rising intonation. They do, but usually a question will step upward until the very end, where it takes one quick little downward step. A question rises a li
    • 美式英語正音訓練第8期:句子語調測試 Exercise 1-4: Sentence Intonation Test Pause the CD and underline or highlight the words that you think should be stressed. Check Answer Key, beginning on page 193 1. Sam sees Bill. 11. He sees him. 2. She wants one. 12. Mary wants a car. 3. Betty li
    • 美式英語正音訓練第9期:使用語調的四個主要原因 Exercise 1-5: Four Main Reasons for Intonation Depending on the situation, a word may be stressed for any of the following reasons: New Information Opinion Contrast and the word Can't 1. New Information It sounds like rain. Rain is the new informatio
    • 美式英語正音訓練第10期:音高和語義的變化 Exercise 1-6: Pitch and Meaning Change Practice saying the four sentences after me. Pay close attention to the changes in pitch that you must make to convey the different meanings intended. The words to be stressed are indicated in bold face. 1. It s
    • 美式英語正音訓練第11期:自我練習 Exercise 1-7: Individual Practice Practice saying the sentences after the suggestion and the beep tone. You will be given only a short time in which to reply so that you won't have the leisure to overthink. Start speaking as soon as you hear the tone
    • 美式英語正音訓練第12期:Pretty的含義 Exercise 1-8: Meaning of Pretty Native speakers make a clear distinction between pretty easily (easily) and pretty easily (a little difficult). Repeat the answers after me paying close attention to your stress. Question: How did you like the movie? A
    • 美式英語正音訓練第13期:音調變化 Exercise 1-9 Inflection Exercise 1-9: Inflection Notice how the meaning changes, while the actual words stay the same. ......1...... I didn't say he stole the money. Someone else said it. ......2....... I didn't say he stole the money. That's not true at all. ......3......
    • 美式英語正音訓練第14期:自我練習 Exercise 1-10; Individual Practice Now, let's see what you can do with the same sentence, just by changing the stress around to different words. I'll tell you which meaning to express. When you hear the tone, say the sentence as quickly as you can, t
    • 美式英語正音訓練第15期:Exercise 1-11 Translation Exercise 1-11: Translation Take the sentence I didn't say he stole the money and translate it into your native language. Write it down below, using whatever letters or characters you use in your language. Now that you have written your sentence down,
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