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    • 名人名篇-莎士比亞經典獨白 01 Great Soliloquies of William Shakespeare Romeo And Juliet: Act 5,Scene 3 Romeo: My love! My wife! Death, that hath sucked the honey of thy breath, Hath had no power yet upon thy beauty. Thou are not conquered. Beautys 1)ensign yet Is crimson in t
    • 名人名篇-丑小鴨 02 The Ugly Duckling One evening, the sun was just setting in with true splendor when 1)a flock of beautiful large birds appeared out of the bushes. The duckling had never seen anything so beautiful. They were dazzlingly white with long waving necks
    • 名人名篇-紅色酋長的贖金 03 The Ransom of Red Chief We were down South, in Alabama-Bill Driscoll and myself - when this kidnapping idea struck us. We selected for our victim the only child of a 1)prominent citizen named Ebenezer Dorset. The kid was a boy of ten, with 2)bas-
    • 名人名篇-麥當娜 04 Madonna L. V. Ciccone Madonna: Detroit was 1)definitely the hardest place we went to on the tour. On an 2)emotional level, I mean, God, going home is, well its just not really that easy for me. You know people always talk about how starring chang
    • 名人名篇-戴安娜王妃 05 Princess Diana Diana: When I started my public life 12 years ago, I understood the 1)media might be interested in what I did. I realized then their attention would 2)inevitably 3)focus on both our 4)private and 5)public lives. But I was not aware
    • 名人名篇-肯尼基 06 Kenny G Kenny G.: The first time I got a wireless microphone, my sound engineer told me that I should come out into the 1)audience and walk, walk through the crowd and play, and I told him there is 2)absolutely no way I could ever do that, Id be
    • 名人名篇-邁克爾•喬丹 07 Michael Jordan Michael Jordan: I can never stop working hard. Each day I feel I have to improve. Hard work, 1)determination...Ive got to keep pushing myself. I remember when I was five years old...2)dunking in trash cans on my knees. Waiting for
    • 名人名篇-比爾•克林頓 08 Bill Clinton Bill Clinton: I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky. I never told anybody to lie, not a single time. Never. These 1)allegations are false. - (January 26, 1998) Bill Clinton: Indeed I did have a relationship w
    • 名人名篇-寶琳娜•波麗茲科娃 09 Paulina Porizkova Paulina Porizkova: Being in the 50 most beautiful people is very 1)flattering to my 2)ego, 3)unquestionably, but in the large scheme of the life, I really dont think it makes me a better person. I dont necessarily think about be
    • 名人名篇-克里斯托弗 10 Superman Christopher: My intention is to try to live like somebody who doesnt belong in a 1)wheelchair. I know that may sound you know, 2)arrogant, but I dont feel that I belong in a wheelchair. I dont feel anybody does. It happens, its a fact of
    • 名人名篇-卡朋特兄妹 11 The Carpenters Richard Carpenter: Karen and I were born in New Haven, Connecticut, uh, I in October of 1946 and Karen in March of 1950. My father had an 1)extensive and 2)eclectic collection of seventy-eights at the time. Really from the time I w
    • 名人名篇-趙小蘭 12 Elaine Chao Elaine Chao: Ive never really planned my 1)career. Ive always just wanted to number one, bring honor to my parents and to bring honor to my family and to contribute to my 2)community. So Ive never had a grand plan but Ive always wante
    • 名人名篇-黛米•摩爾 13 Demi Moore Barbara Walters: Demi, I wanted to ask you, you were paid 12 and a half million dollars for this film Striptease, what does it mean to be the highest priced female in the business now? Demi Moore: First of all, it is very meaningful in
    • 名人名篇-邁克•泰森 14 Mike Tyson Waller: I mean it was hard to watch you bite off a piece of the guys ear and spit it out on the 1)ring floor. Tyson: Its hard for me to watch it. You think its hard for you to watch it, you watch it in a joking manner. People watch it
    • 名人名篇-伊麗莎白•泰勒 15 Elizabeth Taylor Barbara Walters: When you hear people saying, Elizabeth Taylor, now shes a 1)legend. Elizabeth Taylor: That always sounds to me like an 2)obituary. Um, I dont feel dead yet. People have asked me why I dont write a book, because I
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