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    • 紀錄片《深入暗網》 第01期 萬維網 It's just 25 years since the World Wide Web was created. 萬維網自誕生起僅過了二十五年 It now touches all of our lives, 但它的觸角卻已深入我們的生活 our personal information and data 我們的個人信息數據 swirling thr
    • 紀錄片《深入暗網》 第02期 黑市 I realise now that that was naive. 現在我明白當時年少天真 But thanks to a collection of brilliant thinkers and researchers, 但多虧有杰出的智囊團和研究人員 science has been fighting back... 科技現在已經開始反擊了 I
    • 紀錄片《深入暗網》 第03期 滿足要求 Where does the outside world stop and private space begin? 外界與隱私的分界線在何處 What details of your life 你生活中的哪些細節 are you willing to share with strangers? 愿意與陌生人分享 Take this house. 以這幢房子為例
    • 紀錄片《深入暗網》 第04期 連接網絡 This technology is known as the internet of things, 這項技術被稱之為物聯網 where the objects in our houses - kitchen appliances, 我們家中的一切物品 例如廚房用具 anything electronic - can be connected to the internet. 所有電
    • 紀錄片《深入暗網》 第05期 信息革命 To understand the enormous changes taking place, 為了理解這正在發生的巨大變化 it's necessary to come here. 我們有必要來這里 Almost 150 years ago, this hut was on the frontier 大約一百五十年前 這個棚屋正處在 of the
    • 紀錄片《深入暗網》 第06期 海量數據 Running from the United States and other places 大量極其重要 to the United Kingdom are a large number of 攜帶著海量數據的光纜 the most significant fibre-optic cables 從美國等其他地區 that carry huge amounts of data. 連接到英
    • 紀錄片《深入暗網》 第07期 竊取信息 Tapping the wires is surprisingly simple. 竊取光纖信息極其簡單 The data carried by the fibre-optic cable 只需要將光纖傳遞的信息 just needs to be diverted. 進行改道 A fibre-optic cable signal is a beam of light 光纖信號就是
    • 紀錄片《深入暗網》 第08期 斯洛登泄密 All of the information going over those cables 所有經過這些光纖的信息 is able to be replayed over the course of three days 都能在接下來的三天里重播 so you can rewind and see 因此你可以回放并看到 what was going over th
    • 紀錄片《深入暗網》 第09期 陰險狡詐 Information is a funny sort of power. 信息是一種很有趣的力量 The way a government can use it to keep control of its citizens 政府通過它來掌控市民 is insidious and sneaky, nasty in some cases. 這種做法有時是陰險狡詐見不
    • 紀錄片《深入暗網》 第10期 監控 Sometimes these machines learn how to spot trends 有時候這些機器能學會怎樣發現趨勢 and can build systems which will just watch a huge amount of data 并建立一個系統 在監視海量數據的同時 and start to pick things out 能從
    • 紀錄片《深入暗網》 第11期 買賣信息 When I talk about the underbelly of the information revolution, 說到信息化革命的薄弱環節 I'm really talking about the unseen downside 我實際上想說的是信息化革命 of the information revolution. 不為人知的消極面 You know
    • 紀錄片《深入暗網》 第12期 上網廣告 And so the people who know your browsing habits. 如此一來 那些知道你上網偏好的人 can also discover your deepest secrets, 也會發現你最深的秘密 and then sell them to the highest bidder. 然后再把它們賣給出價最高的人
    • 紀錄片《深入暗網》 第13期 無線信號 You know it's sort of like if they know you're pregnant, 就好像如果他們知道你懷孕了 and they know where you live, 就會知道你住在哪里 yes maybe they don't know your name. 雖然他們可能不知道你的姓名 That's just becaus
    • 紀錄片《深入暗網》 第14期 誘惑的數據 And we now know that this data has been seized by governments 我們現在知道這些數據 as part of their internet surveillance operations. 作為網絡監控行動的一部分由政府掌控 The NSA was like, 國家安全局就好像在說 Oh, t
    • 紀錄片《深入暗網》 第15期 收集數據 They want to tie it to your real world behaviours - 他們想將這些數據與你的真實生活聯系起來 location data from your cellphone - and it's these correlations. 例如手機里的定位信息就是連接的橋梁 And as you are being su
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