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    • 001.Greeting Someone hello. hi. hello,there. good morning. morning. good afternoon. afternoon. good evening. evening. how are you? how were things with you? how's everything? how were things going with you? how do you do? howdy. it's been a long time. haven't seen you f
    • 交流表達-002.Asking Someone's Name Your name,please. what's your full name? what's your name,please? may i have your name? may i know your name? would you give me your name? could you give me your name,please? who shall i say? are you...? are you called...? are you...? is your name?
    • 交流表達-003.Making an Introduction This is... Here's ... meet ... Do you know each other? Have I introduced you to ...? Do you know ...? Have you met ...? I want you to meet ... I'd like you to meet ... May I introduce ... Allow me to introduce ... Please let me introduce ... May I p
    • 交流表達-004.Starting Up a Conversation Hi, youre...then... Say, dont I know you from somewhere before? Say, never do I see you somewhere before? Excuse me, didnt we need an...? Excuse me, havent we met somewhere before? I hope you dont mind my asking, but havent we met somewhere before?
    • 交流表達-005.Taking Up a Point 1. 對不起插一下話,你是說...? Sorry to butt in,but did you say ...? 多種表達:Sorry to chip in, but did you say ...? Sorry to interrupt ,but did you say...? butt in 插話 chip in 插嘴,插話 2. 真奇怪你會提起這事,...。Funny you should say that,... 多
    • 交流表達-006.Changing a Topic Hey, I almost forgot Oh, its nearly slip to my mind Oh, I knew there were something I meant to tell you. Oh, I know what I meant to tell you. Oh, before I forgot Oh, while I remember By the way Incidentally Well, lets talk about something different.
    • 交流表達-007.Drawing Attention Drawing Attention Hey. Hello, there. Look here. Hey, you. Hey, you there. I see. Listen. See here. Look. Watch. Look out. Excuse me. Excuse me. Sorry. Sorry to bother you. Sorry to trouble you. Er Hum Attention, please. Pay attention, please. Let me
    • 交流表達-008.Talking about the Weather Talking About the Weather Isnt it beautiful? Isnt it gorgeous? What a glorious day! What a beautiful day! What a wonderful day! What lovely weather were having! Nice day, isnt it? Wonderful day, isnt it? A lovely day, isnt it? Isnt it lovely weather
    • 交流表達-009.Talking about Time and Date Talking about Time and Date Whats? Whats the date? Whens? Today is Its Its on What day is it? What day is today? What day of the weeks it? What time is it? Whats the time? Whats the hour? What time do you have? What time have your got? Whats the tim
    • 交流表達-010.Affirmative Response Affirmative Response Yes. Right. Correct. Thats it. Thats OK. Thats right. Exactly. Youre quite right. Thats quite right. Thats correct. Spot on. Youre dead right. Precisely. Absolutely. Thats perfectly correct. Theres nothing wrong with that. Nothi
    • 交流表達-011.Negative Response Negative Response Its all wrong. Youve got it all wrong. Youre all wet actually. Thats not correct. Youvewrong. Rubbish. Nonsense. I suppose youre mistaken there. I think I must tell you that its not true. If I may say so, its actually not the case.
    • 交流表達-012.Expressing Gratitude Expressing Gratitude Thanks. Cheers. Thank you. Thanks a lot. Thanks a million. Thanks very much. Thank so much. Many thanks. Much obliged. Much appreciated. Thank you very much. Its so sweet of you. It was ever so nice of you. Thank you very much i
    • 交流表達-013.Making an Apology Making an Apology Im sorry. Sorry. Im sorry for Sorry about Sorry for Im sorry. Pardon me for Im terribly sorry for I really feel bad about Im very sorry about Im extremely sorry for Im extremely sorry to Pardon me. Excuse me. Please forgive me. Exc
    • 交流表達-014.Closing a Conversation Closing a Conversation Its time for me to go. Well, must to dash. Its getting late. I must be pushing along now. Its time we were off. I guess I have to go now. I really have to be going. I really must leave you. I really should be going. I really m
    • 交流表達-015.Taking leave and Seeing Off Taking Leave and Seeing off Bye! Bye bye! Cheers! Bye now. Cheer you! See you. So long. Bye for now. See you around. Catch you later. Ill be seeing you. See you later. See you soon. See you. Goodbye. Good night. Id like to say goodbye to you all. Be
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