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    • 大學英語精讀第三冊 Unit One:A Brush with the Law Text A young man finds that strolling along the streets without an obvious purpose can lead to trouble with the law. One misunderstanding leads to another until eventually he must appear in court for trial…… A Brush with the Law I have only once
    • 大學英語精讀第三冊 Unit Two:The Woman Who Would Not Tell Text Aunt Bettie is faced with a difficult decision. A wounded Union soldier is found hiding in a farmhouse near her home. She has to decide whether to help him or let him be captured. What will she choose to do? The Woman Who Would Not Tell Janice K
    • 大學英語精讀第三冊 Unit Three:Why I Teach Text Every teacher probably asks himself time and again: What are the reasons for choosing teaching as a career? Do the rewards teaching outweigh the trying comments? Answering these questions is not a simple task. Let's see what the author says. Why
    • 大學英語精讀第三冊 Unit Four:Lady Hermits Who Are Down But n Text In big cities like New York, you can find homeless women with shopping bags wandering on the streets. They choose to live in an isolated, mistrustful world of their own. They are called lady hermits or just shopping-bag ladies. Lady Hermits Who
    • 大學英語精讀第三冊 Unit Five:The Day Mother Cried Text A mother and her son learn more form a moment of defeat than they ever could from a victory. Her example of never giving up gives him courage for the rest of his life. The Day Mother Cried Gerald Moore Coming home from school that dark winter's
    • 大學英語精讀第三冊 Unit Six:A Day's Wait Text Ernest Hemingway's story is about an incident that happens between a father and his son. The small boy's misunderstanding of the difference in measuring temperature on a Fahrenheit and a Celsius Scale causes him to believe that he is drying of a
    • 大學英語精讀第三冊 Unit Seven:The Shelter Text Several neighbors hope to find safety in the only bomb shelter on their street when an announcement comes over the radio that enemy missiles are approaching. Can it shelter all of them? Does its owner let them in? Here is the story…… The She
    • 大學英語精讀第三冊 Unit Eight:Daydream a Little Text Daydreaming has always had reputation, but now scientific research has revealed that daydreaming may actually improve your mental health and creativity. It can even help you achieve your desired goals. Daydream a Little Eugene Raudsepp "Daydream
    • 大學英語精讀第三冊 Unit Nine:The Death of Hit Text In the last days of World War 11, Adolf Hitler and his closest associates had sought shelter in a command bunker before the fall of Berlin. He knew that defeat was close at hand and that he must prepare for his own death. Here is a detailed desc
    • 大學英語精讀第三冊 Unit Ten:The Fantastic Spur Text Alvin Toffler writes about the fact that technology is advancing much faster today than ever before in history. The symbols of technology are no longer factory smokestacks or assembly lines. As we are headed for the future, the pace will quicken
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