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    • 英語聽力:劉毅基礎詞匯5000 1-a 劉毅基礎詞匯5000-1a 1.A massive rock is ___to lift up. (A) hard (B)easy 2.The act of fighting __one's own country is treason. (A)for (B)against 3.It is __to continue such a barren argument on the problem. (A)useless (B)helpful 4. John has annoy
    • 英語聽力:劉毅基礎詞匯5000 1-b 劉毅基礎詞匯5000-1b 157. The two friends cling together wherever they go. 158. The actor had a handsome and distinguished countenance. 159. He ordered wallpaper for a room of the following dimensions:16ft. Long, 12ft. Wide, and 8ft. High. 160.
    • 英語聽力:劉毅基礎詞匯5000 2-a 劉毅基礎詞匯5000-2a 303. Some authors are not popular because their writings are too abstract. 304. Through the years he accumulated sufficient money to buy a farm. 305. He has received ample praise for the work he did. 306. If a government off
    • 英語聽力:劉毅基礎詞匯5000 2-b 劉毅基礎詞匯5000-2b Part Two 1. clumsy:He asked such a clumsy question that I did not know what to reply. 2. conservative: Old people are usually more conservative than young people. 3. exhale: He lit his pipe and exhaled clouds of smoke. 4. ho
    • 英語聽力:劉毅基礎詞匯5000 3-a 劉毅基礎詞匯5000-3a Lesson 12 Preparation Test 1. The baby likes to splash _____. 2. ____, all efforts to rescue the surviors were futile. 3. It is prudent to wear to light shirt when the weather is ____. 4. The little baby was ____ by his moth
    • 英語聽力:劉毅基礎詞匯5000 3-b 劉毅基礎詞匯5000-3b Lesson 15 Preparation Test 1. The little girl moaned in ____. 2. Architecture deals with the designing and planning of various ____. 3. The ____hand is dominant in most people. 4. ____ is transparent. 5. This is the site for
    • 英語聽力:劉毅基礎詞匯5000 4-a 劉毅基礎詞匯5000 4-a
    • 英語聽力:劉毅基礎詞匯5000 4-b 劉毅基礎詞匯5000-4b Lesson 21 Preparation Test 1. We saw many ____ in the meadow. 2. The purpose of this tariff is to protect our ____. 3. He ____ at the banquet. 4. ____ is a plural noun. 5. The girl was ____ to see a corpse near the rock. Par
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