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    • 《敦刻爾克》精講 01 It's grenadiers, mate. 這列是擲彈兵 Make way! 讓開 Out of the way! Go, go, go! 快讓開 快快快 Along the mole. All the way. 沿著防波堤 一直往前 The ship's about to leave. 船快開了 Along the mole. All the way. The ship's about
    • 《敦刻爾克》精講 02 Check fuel, Fortis 1 and 2. 檢查燃料 福蒂斯1號2號 70 gallons. 70加侖 68 gallons, Fortis Leader. 68加侖 福蒂斯長機 Stay down at 500 feet to leave fuel for 40-minute fighting time over Dunkirk. 保持高度152米節省燃料以在敦刻
    • 《敦刻爾克》精講 03 Ready on the stern! 船尾準備 Yes, sir! 是 長官 Man the bowline! 解開帆腳索 Any more room? 還有地方嗎 You have to get back! 你得回去 That's two minutes. 還有兩分鐘 You've missed it. You've missed it. 趕不上了 肯定趕不上
    • 《敦刻爾克》精講 04 Up the line. 收纜繩 We'll take it. 給我們吧 Drop the gangplank! 收起步橋 Yes, sir! 是 長官 Take a run at it. 試一試吧 Ready on the stern line, George. 解開船尾纜 喬治 Aren't you waiting on the navy? 不等海軍了嗎 They've
    • 《敦刻爾克》精講 05 One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight... 一二三四五六七八 Oi, you two. 你們倆 Get a shift on. 動作快點 Yeah, pull him tight. Tie a knot in it. 用力拉 打個結 Back up the line. Both of you. 回去排隊 你們倆 Off you g
    • 《敦刻爾克》精講 06 On my mark, Fortis 2. Draw him left. 聽我口令 福蒂斯2號 把他往左引 Three, two, one. 三 二 一 Mark. 轉 Clear. 好了 Is he down? 擊落了嗎 Yeah, he's down for the count. 對 他徹底完蛋了 Fortis Leader, one bandit down. 福蒂斯
    • 《敦刻爾克》精講 07 Rear Admiral. Commander. 少將 指揮官 How's the perimeter? 包圍圈情況如何 Shrinking every day. 每天都在收縮 But between our rear guard and the French, 但后衛和法國人之間 we're holding the line. 我們還在堅守 And the ene
    • 《敦刻爾克》精講 08 Can you swim it? 你能游過來嗎 Dad, can you get closer? 爸 能再近點嗎 Can't risk it! 太冒險了 Hang on. 堅持住 What's your name? 你叫什么 Wreckage below. 下方發現殘骸 Is it more of the 109? 又一架德軍BF109戰機 No. 不是
    • 《敦刻爾克》精講 09 She's going down! Cut her loose! 船要沉了 切斷纜繩 What about the wounded? 傷員怎么辦 Abandon ship! Abandon ship! 棄船 棄船 Cut her loose, and push her off! 切斷纜繩 把船開出去 We can't let her sink at the mole! 不能讓船沉
    • 《敦刻爾克》精講 10 Right, we're about five minutes out, so climb to 2011, Over. 好 我們大概五分鐘之后到 爬升到2011 完畢 That's more fuel. 會消耗更多燃料 I know, but I don't want to get jumped again. 我知道 但我不想再挨突襲 Let's get a
    • 《敦刻爾克》精講 11 What's wrong with your friend? 你朋友怎么了 He's looking for a quick way out. 他在找快速逃生的路 In case we go down. 害怕沉船 Where are we going? 我們這是在往哪開 Dunkirk. 敦刻爾克 No, uh, no, no, we're going to England
    • 《敦刻爾克》精講 12 Is he a coward, Mr. Dawson? 他是懦夫嗎 道森先生 He's shellshocked, George. 他被炸彈嚇壞了 喬治 He's not himself. 嚇得反常了 He may never be himself again. 他可能再也無法正常起來了 40 gallons, Fortis 1. 40加侖 福蒂
    • 《敦刻爾克》精講 13 Got him! Got him! 打中了 Oh, she's turning. You must've damaged her. 它轉向了 你肯定打中了 Where's the escort? 護航機去哪兒了 Well, I got one of... 我看到一架... I'm going down. 我快墜機了 I'm on him. Bail out. 那我來
    • 《敦刻爾克》精講 14 Spitfires, George. 那是噴火戰斗機 喬治 Greatest plane ever built. 有史以來最厲害的機型 You didn't even look. 您不用看就知道 RollsRoyce Merlin engines. 勞斯萊斯梅林引擎 Sweetest sound you could hear out here. 海平面上
    • 《敦刻爾克》精講 15 He's turning tail. I'm gonna get after him. 它掉頭了 我去追他 Good luck. 祝你順利 Watch your fuel. You're at 15 gallons. 注意油量 你還剩15加侖 15 gallons, understood. 15加侖 收到 Best of luck, Collins. 祝你好運 柯林斯
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