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    • 《查莉成長日記》精講 01 It's not today's homework. 這才不是今天的家庭作業 This is yesterday's homework. 這是昨天的家庭作業 There's a chance you two will be 你可能有機會和你哥哥 in high school together. 一起念高中哦 Oh, and there's dad pre
    • 《查莉成長日記》精講 02 Now then, where were we? 好了 我們學到哪兒了 You know, actually, I think you were a little bit closer. 知道嗎 其實 我記得你剛才坐得更近些的 All right-cellular respiration. 好了 細胞呼吸作用 Do you mind? not at all. 你
    • 《查莉成長日記》精講 03 Okay, wait wait wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. 等等 等等 等等 Wait. wait. We don't want mom to know we're here, right? 等等 我們可不想讓媽媽發現我們在這兒 是不 So please be careful. 所以小心點 Just try and blend in. 盡量別引人
    • 《查莉成長日記》精講 04 So that's how dad got my first kiss 這就是爸爸怎么搶走本屬于我的初吻的 And how you flew for the first time. 你也第一次體驗到了飛翔的感覺 But the good news is-- 但是好消息是 Nah, there is no good news. 算了 根本沒
    • 《查莉成長日記》精講 05 Hi, Charlie. It's Teddy here. 嗨 Charlie 我是Teddy So right now you're nine months old 現在你只有九個月大 and everything is going great. 不過一切都很順利 Well, almost everything. 呃 差不多一切都順利吧 Now what I'm about
    • 《查莉成長日記》精講 06 Hi. Hi. 嗨 嗨 Oh, yeah, I like your taste in strollers. 噢 你選得嬰兒車不錯 我喜歡你的品位 Thanks, you too. 謝謝 你也是 That baby's so cute. You too. 那個寶寶好可愛啊 你也是 Oh, I mean yours too. 噢 我是說你的寶
    • 《查莉成長日記》精講 07 I love this baby. 我喜歡這個寶寶 Anytime she wants to go to the park, sign me up. 不管她什么時候想上公園 盡管找我 What happened to you? 你中什么邪了 Let's just say charlie made a friend, PJmade a friend. 這么說吧 Charl
    • 《查莉成長日記》精講 08 How could you bring home the wrong baby? 你怎么會帶錯寶寶回家呢 I'm sorry. I got a little distracted. 我很抱歉 我那時候有點分心了 Emma is really cute. Emma真是太可愛了 Yeah, well, so was our sister. 是啊 我們的妹妹也
    • 《查莉成長日記》精講 09 Wait, I don't believe it. 等等 真是不敢相信 That's Emma. So that's Charlie. 那是Emma 那么那個就是Charlie了 Yes! Oh, we're saved. 真棒 哦 我們得救了 Not quite. Hey, kids. 還不一定呢 嘿 孩子們 What now? I'll let you kn
    • 《查莉成長日記》精講 10 Hi, Charlie. it's your big sister Teddy with my video diary. 嘿 Charlie 這是你姐姐Teddy在錄視頻日記 So today, I want to talk to you about best friends. 今天 我要和你聊聊關于好朋友的話題 You bragging about me again? 你又在
    • 《查莉成長日記》精講 11 Yeah! 耶 Yeah, this is way more fun since you've learned how to clap. 自從你學會鼓掌后 這就比以前好玩多了 Don't ignore me! 別裝作沒聽見 When I tell you to do something, I expect you to do it! 每次我跟你說去做什么事的
    • 《查莉成長日記》精講 12 It is so pathetic. 太悲劇了 My mom's in the kitchen texting away. 我媽媽居然在廚房發短信呢 Gosh, I'd hate to be on the other end of that conversation. 天吶 和她聊短信的那個人可有得受了 Who are you texting? 你在和誰發
    • 《查莉成長日記》精講 13 PJ, you've got to stop watching these mysteries. PJ 你不能再看那些懸疑推理電影了 Not until i figure out how to catch Mrs Dabney. 在沒找到抓住Dabney太太的方法之前我是不會罷休的 These old movies are gonna help me do th
    • 《查莉成長日記》精講 14 Charlie loves things that rattle. Charlie喜歡叮當作響的東西 Okay, girl. Charlie, come on. 好吧 Charlie 快來吧 Get the keys. Get the keys! 過來拿鑰匙 過來拿鑰匙 Aw, man! I dropped the keys. 噢 老天 我把鑰匙弄掉了 Fant
    • 《查莉成長日記》精講 15 Girls, girls, come here. Check it out. 孩子們 孩子們 快過來 快來看 It's an old video of me. 看看我以前的錄像帶 Lots of videotaping in this family. 你們家錄像帶可真多 You guys sure do like yourselves. 你們真夠自戀的啊
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