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    • 爆笑英語口語 第1期:有話趕緊說 Language Points 1. Spill it. Who do you work for? Spill it. 2. wrap it up 3. Make it quick/Cut it short. We're in a hurry. Just make it quick. 4. to make/cut a long story short 5. shoot
    • 爆笑英語口語 第2期:turn短語 Language Points 1. turn sb. down 2. turn somebody on A sexy dress will turn me on. You turned me on. 3. turn up Only 30 people turned up last night.
    • 爆笑英語口語 第3期:老江湖 Language Points sophisticated innocent seen the world I've been around the whole world. I have seen the world.
    • 爆笑英語口語 第4期:開車表達 Language Points 1.Fasten your seat belt/Buckle up 2.go for a drive 3.give someone a ride 4.Pull over 5.accelerate/speed up 6.decelerate/slow down 7.pop/open the trunk 8.break down 9.hit-and-run
    • 爆笑英語口語 第5期:挖墻腳 Language Points 1. steal one's GF/BF steal away steal back Bitch, you stole my BF away! 2. poach How to poach an employee from a competitor. poach talent
    • 爆笑英語口語 第6期:spot高頻短語 Language Points spot的高頻口語用法: 1.broke 2.Can you spot me some money? 3.Ryan was spotted by the cops. 4.This is my spot!
    • 爆笑英語口語 第7期:閱兵 Language Points V-Day 勝利日 Military Parade 閱兵 Veterans 老兵 Female soldier 女兵 Honor guard 儀仗隊 抗戰勝利70周年紀念大會 the commemorative ceremony to mark the 70th anniversary of the victory of the War of Resistance agains
    • 爆笑英語口語 第8期:on fire Language Points on fire Damn, that party was on fire. You are on fire today.
    • 爆笑英語口語 第9期:吃貨 Language Points 1. This meat is too fatty/tough. 2. This fish is overcooked. 3. This dish doesn't agree with me. 4. Yummy!
    • 爆笑英語口語 第10期:休息 Language Points Break for coffee/a smoke/lunch/dinner Catch ones breath Rest ones eyes catch some Zs take a nap Put ones feet up I want to take a day off. Let's take a break. I need some time off.
    • 爆笑英語口語 第11期:超短裙 Language Points microskirt/micro-miniskirt shorter than a miniskirt, usually just covers the crotch beltskirt
    • 爆笑英語口語 第12期:熱 Language Points It's stifling. I can hardly breathe. Oh, God. I'm sweating like a pig. It's so hot recently. It's boiling today. Damn it! It's sweltering today. This weather is freaking hot.
    • 爆笑英語口語 第13期:喜歡 Language Points I'm really into music. She's my kinda girl. I really dig that hot chick. Have a thing for Into someone Find someone cute
    • 爆笑英語口語 第14期:蘋果發布會 Language Points iPhone6s rose gold 大媽金 iPad Pro apple pencil smart keyboard bucks 美金
    • 爆笑英語口語 第15期:手機不行了 Language Points My phone's dead. My phone died. bad/poor reception I've got bad reception here. I'm losing you data,I'm out of data. MB讀作megs,GB讀作gigs,I have 5 per month. My phone keeps dropping calls. no signal I've got no signal/recep
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