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    • 《表情奇幻冒險》精講 表情符號 The world we live in. 我們生活的世界 It's so wondrous, mysterious, even magical. 如此奇妙 神秘 甚至充滿魔力 No. No, not that world. 不 不是那個世界 I meant this one. 我指的是這個世界 The smartphone. 智能手機 Each
    • 《表情奇幻冒險》精講 短信之城 That's my home. 這就是我的家 Textopolis. 短信之城 Here, each of us does one thing, and we have to nail it every time. 在這兒 我們每個人各司其職 每次必須盡善盡美 The Christmas Tree just has to stand there all festive. 圣誕
    • 《表情奇幻冒險》精講 吉恩練習無聊表情 Morning, Mrs. D. I see you have the little minis with you. 早上好 D女士 你帶著小寶貝呢 They're so cute. 他們真可愛 That is so adorable, I can't take it! 太可愛了 我受不了啦 Now I'll never get them to sleep. 現在他們再也沒
    • 《表情奇幻冒險》精講 我們去個更私密的地方 Hey. Konnichiwa. 嘿 你們好 Sorry, emoticons. 抱歉 表情們 I hate knocking over the elderly. Here, let me help, let me help. 我討厭撞倒老人家 我來幫你 My colon! 我的冒號 Is that the time? Hey, my eyes are up here, pal. 這是時間
    • 《表情奇幻冒險》精講 不讓吉恩去工作 I have some bad news, Gene. 我有個壞消息 吉恩 And I'm afraid you'll have the wrong reaction. 我怕你會有錯誤的反應 Okay. What's the wrong reaction? 好吧 什么是錯誤的反應 Anything other than meh. 無聊以外的反應 Come o
    • 《表情奇幻冒險》精講 吉恩工作的第一天 But I can change all that if you'd just let me. Just give me a chance. 但是你們要是讓我去 我就可以改變這一切 給我個機會吧 But what if you get sent out on the phone, making the wrong face? 但要是手機把你發出來 表情卻
    • 《表情奇幻冒險》精講 表情符號區 As you know, I'm Smiler. 正如你們所知 我是微笑 I am the system supervisor here 我是這里的系統主管 because I was the original emoji. 因為我是最早那個表情符號 Here's how it works. 運作方法是這樣的 It's nothing fan
    • 《表情奇幻冒險》精講 擊掌的迷人手 Come on, tell me you aren't just a little bit tempted. 拜托 告訴我你有點被誘惑了 Steven, for the last time, I don't want to buy a timeshare. 史蒂芬 我最后一次告訴你 我不想買分時享用度假房 Come on, man, it's Hi. You k
    • 《表情奇幻冒險》精講 無聊起來 Places, please. Emojis to your cubes. 請表情符號各就各位 Attention. We 've got incoming. 注意 任務來了 Got to be meh. Got to be meh. 無聊起來 無聊起來 Oh, my gosh, my own cube. 噢天哪 我自己的立方體 I can't believe it
    • 《表情奇幻冒險》精講 無聊出錯 All right, Alex is not sure how he wants to play this. 好 艾利克斯不確定要怎么做 I would really love it to be me. 我希望選中我 Beam me up! Beam me up! 選我 選我 I need Thumbs Up on standby. 豎起拇指準備 Yeah! Thumbs Up is
    • 《表情奇幻冒險》精講 你就是故障 Wrong emoji sent! Evacuate the Meh cube! 錯誤表情發出去了 無聊立方體撤離 Evacuate the cube! I got to get out of here. 撤離 我得出去 Get that bozo out of there! 讓那個笨蛋出去 I'm trying! 我正在努力 The humanity. 天哪
    • 《表情奇幻冒險》精講 我們想保護你 No! I can be meh. Just give me one more chance. 不 我可以表現出無聊的 再給我一次機會吧 That's not gonna happen. 不可能 You know what would be really fun? A board meeting. 知道會發生什么有趣的事嗎 董事會議 Where we
    • 《表情奇幻冒險》精講 對吉恩懲罰的爭論 Gene? Where are you going? 吉恩 你要去哪里 I'm not gonna run away from this. 我不會逃走的 I'm an emoji, and even though I'm not sure exactly which one, 我是表情符號 盡管我不確定是哪個 I've got to have some sort of purpose
    • 《表情奇幻冒險》精講 吉恩逃跑 Party time! Wait a minute... 派對時間 等下 The air is better here. 這里的空氣更好 Beer, Tea. 啤酒 茶 I'm Coffee! 我是咖啡 Sorry. Sheesh. So edgy. 抱歉 哎呦 脾氣真差 My old cube. 我曾經的立方體 Take a hike, Mike. 滾開
    • 《表情奇幻冒險》精講 失敗者休息室 Don't tell anyone you're about to see this. 別告訴別人你見過這個 They'll never find us down here. 他們不會在這下面找到我們的 Where are we? The basement? 我們在哪兒 地下室嗎 No. Welcome to the Loser Lounge, where the em
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